Furniture and crafts from the Sahel

 We transform your space into a refuge of warmth and authenticity.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Africa. 

Explore our collection of unique pieces that will add an elegant and exotic touch to your home, while paying homage to the rich culture and vast history of the African continent. From hand-carved sculptures by skilled artisans to vibrant, colorful fabrics, each object tells a story and adds an element of beauty to your space. 

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Tejedores de Guinea Bissau

Craft items

Craftsmanship is a bridge between design and art. The mastery of traditional techniques transmitted from father to son allows the artisans of the Sahel to create beautiful objects of great quality and mastery, also imprinting on them symbolic and ideological values ​​of the local culture. The ever-present personal touch gives them the quality of art without an author.

Muñecas ashanti

Timeless objects

With an ancient artistic tradition, it is at the beginning of the 20th century when African art begins to be appreciated in the West, first by the avant-garde and later by museums and the general public. Its great stylistic variety ranges from schematic figures and masks to very naturalistic pieces.

Sillas etíopes

Unique pieces

In Black Market we rarely have two identical objects. Furniture, sculptures made of wood, stone, terracotta and bronze, fabrics, paintings, silver jewelry, glass beads from Venice and Bohemia used as currency in Africa..., you will find all this and more in our store. Don't hesitate to ask us for more photos if you are interested in any of our treasures.

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